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Credit Adverse Mortgages

You're not alone!

Did you know, 1.1 million CCJs were given out 2018?

You're now one step away from making a difference and gain control again.

Rockstar Mortgages could help put you back in control of your finances with remortgaging.

Speaking to a broker that has access to the whole of market (not just a handful of chosen lenders) could be the difference of saving or making you money.

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Hi, my name is Jason Bell, I'm a specialist mortgage broker.

I started Rockstar Mortgages because I believe it's you who's the rockstar and therefore should take centre stage.

I help others who do not know where to turn, due to not knowing what's available to them. I take all factors into consideration to ensure all customers are treated fairly.

I've worked for some major blue-chip companies in my career and now want to provide my personal and professional service to make a difference in helping people achieve their homeownership dreams and life security goals.

I strive to actually understand your needs and show how to protect your home and lifestyle. Giving you full professional service over the months and years ahead.

Everyone needs are different, if I  don't know the answer to your question, I'll find out for you and what are the best options available.

Reducing your financial burden could be a difference of saving or making you money.

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